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      • Out of limits in holes 1, 3 and 9.
      • The unpaved paths are considered part of the course.
      • When the ball lies in the small lava stones (lapilli) it can be dropped.
      • Stones in bunkers are moveable obstructions and can be removed.
      • They are immovable obstructions: lateral watermarkers, signalling distances stakes and irrigation hoses.
      • If the ball lies in the paved paths or influences the game, the players will be able to drop without winning distance to the hole, without penalty.
      • When a player drops from a hazard with a penalty, the player will be able to place the ball in the drop zone outside the obstacle.
      • In the holes made my burrowing animals, the general rule applies.
      • All the areas delineated by the stones for the protection of the elements in the net of irrigation are considered zones with on-going work and the rule of relief must be applied.
      • In the street, you can drop it.